Case study: Concierge home finding service for busy renters.


Finding a new home is always a hassle. The renter would have call multiple agents and the viewings often span over days to a week. Homie tries to change that process for the renter by being the single point of contact for the renter while organises everything else behind the scene.

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Adding value to the search functionality everybody knows

Having a map is great, but it only really benefits those who know London well. After testing with a focus group we found that having Commute Search is what’s missing. It allows the user to discover properties and areas that might have been dismissed otherwise.


Also making it better for Londoners

Having easy access to a specific Underground station is a common search criteria for Londoners. But why does anyone have to keep switching between search platform and Google Maps? It made the most sense to integrate all the stations into the app.


Mapping the product journey

It is crucial to devise a product journey map that takes all user cases into account prior to producing any hi-fidelity design. These processes are informed by research into the market intel, and it strives to strike a balance between address the user needs and addressing the challenges of the business.

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